Monday, June 24, 2013


...of totally ignoring my blog. But, in my defense, I have been busy.

  • Am almost done with the top of Jill's quilt. She hasn't seen it yet, hard to keep it a secret when my sewing "room" is really just a wide spot in the hall. She walks through there several times a day.
  • 2 more prayer shawls donated to church.(this makes 11 so far)
  • Almost done with a lap afghan, also for church. (my 4th) I think its a nice idea that our UMW donates these. However, yarn is not cheap. Is there a polite way to ask that those in the group who don't knit or crochet to contribute to a yarn fund? 
  • I made 40 dish cloths. I can make a pair in an afternoon when work is quiet.Some will  be donated to our church bazaar this fall, others I keep on hand for gifts. 
  • Working on a white baby afghan for etsy.
  • Also have a ripple baby girl afghan in progress. Will be donated to our church bazaar this fall. 
  • Have a scarf in progress, red and yellow.
  • Bought some yarn to make a rug for Jill's dorm room. Lime green, white, and little flecks of blue and yellow. She is so not a pink girl like her sister! 
  • I also crocheted a cotton rug. Hope to list it on etsy soon. 

Speaking of etsy
da da ta da!

Here is our shop

(That was one of the many names Allison got called in college, very fitting for a farm girl I think)

Anyway.....Allison has some hats listed. Only one sale so far, but its not really hat season. Please stop buy. I have some pillows to finish that should be on there next week. And share with your friends or pin please :)

In other news:
We had 10 and a half inches of rain over the weekend. We are on high ground so we had a some run off and our driveway washed. But a little town near us is devastated. Hard to believe just last summer we were in a terrible drought. 


  1. Hi, thank you for sharing your story with me on your knee, this gives me hope that maybe I won't have to have surgery or they will leave it up to me? I'm doing my homework but first hand is always best! Nice blog too!

    1. Good luck. If you are like me, the more you can find out the better.