Saturday, January 18, 2014

Only 5 months since my last post

Last time I wrote anything  it was hot and Jill was heading off to college.

Now its cold and snowy and Jill hated school. So proud of her that she finished the semester. I know she was miserable there. So now she is home, living on the couch (lol)  and taking some classes at the local tech college. She can regroup, tour some schools this spring and go from there.

Here are a couple of the things I made lately.  A baby blanket with chenille yarn, for the most handsome baby boy!  His mom and dad didn't know what they were having, so I made it boy or girl friendly. And since he was born in January, I knew it had to be cozy.

I finally figured out the waffle stitch. Pretty easy once I actually found a pattern! I had a cone of sage green cotton yarn I got on clearance ages ago. Make a cushy bathmat.

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  1. Good luck to you and your endeavours. School can be a trying time at the best of times!

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.